I'm a Pepsi girl, btw, and can I tell you how hard it is to find regular Pepsi in Japan?! And, I'm not talking about Pepsi Next Zero or whatever it's called (gosh, I can't handle diet soft drinks; they give me migraines).

Anyhow, I wanted to show you the neat packaging of this Coca-Cola tin bottle. I'm nor sure if this is new, or not...for all I know, it's been around for years, and I just got around to finally noticing it.

Have you seen this tin Coco-Cola bottle in your hemisphere?


  1. I think I had Coke Zero for the first time in Japan and remember how amazed I was that it was pretty tasty! I am a full on sugar person, but if I can't find regular, I'll happily drink that.

    Hmm... you're a Pepsi girl you say.... Hmm...

    1. My philosophy is if I'm worried about baddies, I'll just drink water.

      *arching right brow*...and what's wrong with Pepsi...

  2. WhoaI swear I've been away a day and I come back to 4 posts! Ο.Ο
    Ok, first of all, your parcel looks uh-mazing! Secondly, your Suqqu post and look are glorious, as always, and so is your post on the Addiction shadow collection.
    And now that I'm done with the praise I shall continue to curse you woman! You and all those like you who just keep getting my list of things-I-want-but-will-probably-never-have bigger and bigger by the day! Forget fiscal/political/social/humanitarian crisis! It's you who ruin my life! :P

    P.S. Don't have anything to say on the tasty related post cause I don't care for Coca-Cola or any form of cola out there...Haven't had it since primary school... *takes shelter under a rock*

    1. Surprise! :P

      I love buying makeup online, and I think part of that is the fact that I love receiving packages in the mail.

      I'm in LOVE with Suqqu Summer, and I'm hoping for better weather, so I can continuing my swatching my Addiction shadows.

      LOL...the whole world is going to hell in a handbasket, but at least we'll look flawless >;)
      Sorry, but I <3 you. Maybe one day we can go shopping together.

      Funny, because when I lived in the states, I rarely drank sodas. But, in Japan (especially during Summer), I drink more of it. Btw, I don't drink coffee or alcohol...I guess my taste buds never matured or something.

    2. Aaawww, I was actually thinking how lovely it would be if I could meet you in person! You seem so cool and warm somehow...

      Ah, lets hope I'll manage to make my lifelong dream of traveling to Japan a reality sometime this century...Or maybe you'll come to Greece for holidays sometime (you seem crazy enough that you might want to :P)! Don't how much shopping we'd get done seeing that you'd be going around with a broke uni student, but hey! I could show you all the great places to eat and get coffee! :P
      Which I can't live without btw...I begin to show withdrawal symptoms if I go a day without it! O.O

    3. Oh, btw I saw on the news that Japan is going through one of the worst heatwaves in its history...Is everything ok?

    4. Yeah, I'm pretty awesome...j/k :P

      Hopefully we can meet up one day. I do have family in Greece, and I've always wanted to visit.

      Oh my gosh woman, the weather has been pure HELL! It's so hot and humid, it's just criminal. It's so hot that I turn cold water on and it came out warm. People over here don't use A/C, and department store have the a/c set to humid. Seriously, if it's 32°C, they have the A/C at 31°C...ridiculous!!!!

    5. Oh, stop it you! No need to be modest, we can tell you aren't! :P

      You should definitely consider coming then (not that I have any ulterior motives or anything :P). Where does your family live? We're having summer winds in Greece during August, we call them "meltemia", so it's kinda cool-ish despite the humidity. Put your jealous face on! :P

      (I know I don't seem to shut up...tell me if it bothers you to have long convos in the comment section...*embarrassedface*)

    6. I have family in Athens. Although still hot and humid, the weather has been overcast or rainy. I can't swatch anything!

      I like the long conversations, so, keep it up :D

    7. Over and out :P

      Wait, we need code name!

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