Only 22 days until we have a winner!

Once again, the Prizes (all items are paid for by moi):

One Addiction Compact Case II.
Four Addiction Eyeshadows.
One Addiction Blush.
One Addiction Cheek Stick.
One Addiction Lipstick.

What you have to do and how to increase your chances to win (same method as one of my older giveaways):

1. All gorgeous members (via the members section on the blog) automatically get one entry. So, don't forget to click the "Join this site" button.

2. In the comment section, please write what items you would choose if you won. This will earn you two entries.

3. If you blog about/or tweet this giveaway, you'll earn another three entries into the hat. (please link the post in the comments, thank you!).

The Enabling Your Beauty Habits Giveaway ends on August 9th, 11:59 (GMT+9).


  1. Always tough to pick only a few items from ADDICTION, but here's my list:
    - Eyeshadows: Full Moon, Treasure Mountain, Flash Back and Noh
    - Blush: Empire Passion
    - Cheek Stick: Neroli Flower
    - Lipstick: Boat Party
    Thanks again for the fabulous giveaway!

    1. Thank you for taking part Nicole.

      It's always a struggle to restrain myself at the Addiction counter.

      Great choices and I wish you luck :D

  2. Wow, Liz, that's a fabulous giveaway! This has made my Sunday morning a lot more exciting :) How are you btw, gorgeous lady?
    Lemme see, what would I choose...
    Eyeshadows: Shell Garden, Meeting at Dome, Flash Back, Sandbar
    Blush: Gorgeous
    Cheek Stick: Damask Rose
    Lipstick: Boat Party (or maybe the Sheer one in Poupee? Both look amazing)

    I also tweeted (obviously) about the giveaway here:

    1. Monika my dear, I'm glad I was able to give your Sunday a little extra zest ;P

      I'll cross my fingers, toes and every eyes for you <3

      Thank you for the tweet!

  3. Definitely the lipstick and eyeshadows are bound to be so pigmented and beautiful! Those would be my first choices, though it's a tough call!

    1. They are, but what shades have you picked Leah darling?

  4. Tweeted about the giveaway as @msleahdavis:

    The always-tasteful @dialmformakeup is doing an Addiction giveaway on her blog...stop by! …

  5. I would choose the eyeshadows and lipsticks - sandsoftime

  6. Whew! Finally, a few months later and I've managed to go through all of the posts on this blog! I'm proud of myself, have to say :P

    Before my entry, I would like to tell you Lizzy that I adore your blog. I knew it was special when I came across it and I'm really glad I went through it because you have some of the most inspiring, creative and well-executed make-up looks I've seen. Don't know if you care to know, but I got to know your blog through Kate's drivelaboutfrivol [which I also went through completely, but before I got the chance to say hi it seems to have got inactive... :'( ]
    Aaaaanyway... Now that I feel qualified to post an entry to your giveaway I shall present my list of products ("thank God" you say? why, and I thought my comment was short enough as is...) :
    ~Compact Case II (eyeshadows) : Silent Scream, Tiny Shell, Nouvelle Lune, Midnight Drive, Marriage, Saint Martin (don't know if this version of compact case II is the same as when you opened the giveaway...sorry, if not)
    ~Eyeshadows: Shangri-La, Arabian Ruby, Alice and Pathos / Bagdad Cafe (last one is slashed because I'm not sure which one will do for the purpose...a good cool shading colour is what I'd like, so should I be lucky enough to win I'll leave it in your hands)
    ~Blush: African Sunset
    ~Cheeckstick: African Sunset
    ~Lipctick: Eivissa Dream / Tokyo Story (can't seem to find accurate pictures of the colour, so again...your decision)

    I've tweeted about the giveaway (not that anybody follows me, social media is the bane of my existence), so here is my link:

    And now that I'm sure I have you wishing e-bitchslapping was a thing, I shall leave. Would mentioning that you're one of the most stylish and beautiful bloggers I've come across make things better? No? Well, okay then...


    1. Oh wow Anna, what a beautiful comment. Just when I think no one is out there enjoy the blog, and I start wondering what the point is in continuing, and comments like yours, affirms and reinvigorates me. Cheesy as it sounds, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

      I hope you stay tuned, continue to enjoy the blog and leave comments, so we can communicate :D

      Great selections, but keep in mind, you may change your mind once the new shadows come out

      I'll only e-slap you if you ask me to. And yes, flattery always gets you more entries in the hat ;P


    2. Oh, you actually replied!!!! So happy it's getting kinda silly! :P
      I'm also happy to have boosted your spirits even a little, I imagine blogging may be taxing sometimes, but I do hope you realize that it is much appreciated even when you can't always tell. Aaaaanyway, hope the new Addiction shadows don't ruin me list completely, I'm so indecisive with makeup...I just want everything!
      Oh, and I'll think about the slapping! :P

    3. Of course I replied, why wouldn't I ;P

      Blogging can be a little odd (yet fun), because you're putting yourself out there for the world to see. You don't know who out there, and you want to share your interest and communicate with others.

      I'm excited (and in fear for my wallet) to get my hands on the new eyeshadows...I know what I'm asking Santa for Christmas this year :)

      And don't forget our safety word is broccoli :P

    4. God, I only saw your reply to this comment today...Broccoli for safeword she says...hahahahahahahahahhh! I actually love it, so it might not be the best choice! :P

    5. LOL, don't forget that would it not to be abused and only used in the most extreme circumstances.

  7. I retweeted the giveaway here - sandsoftime on "Join this Site"

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