It just keeps getting better, and better, with each of the Paul & Joe Midnight Sangria Summer 2015 nail polishes.

I love the cute fruit, and liqueur-themed names of the Paul & Joe Summer polishes. Creme de Cacao 010 is a mellow, rich, milky-cocoa with a glossy, creme formula. This shade definitely stood-out and caught my attention (I have a deep affection for nude/brown polishes) in the collection's promotional images; and in person, Creme de Cacao is just beautiful. Creme de Cacao applies evenly, streak-free, and is opaque in one coat; and, it wears immaculately for 4 to 5 days. Seriously, the formula of these polishes is outstanding!

If you fancy all variations of brown polishes, like I do, you NEED Creme de Cacao in your life! 


  1. OMGGGGG!!!!The colour is so gorgeous!
    I love nudes but not those very washed out almost white-boney ones.These cafe au lait and greyed ones are such luxurious colours in my book, but from my experience most "nude" colours tend to have horrible formulas...I really need to save up for a P&J purchase sometime soon! :P

    1. I literally swooned with I applied Creme de Cacao on my nails. The color and formula are fantastic! See, I included the wear time for you :P For a high-end brand, the polish prices are pretty reasonable.

    2. Ah,I'm already making an impact! :P
      Actually the entire line seems to be quite reasonably priced, especially considering how carefully designed their products are.
      Have you ever tried their mascaras or foundations? I'd love to hear your input.

  2. That formula and color look gorgeous! Reminds me of wet sand on the beach😍😍

    1. Love that color description! Yes, exactly wet sand, but a little deeper.

  3. This is soooo pretty! I super love the color for its not too dark and not too light. This is something worth checking out.

    1. I highly recommend you do Judith. The color is beautiful and the formula is great! I think this shade would work on all skin tones.

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