Time for the second installment of my ADDICTION eyeshadows (which translates to me having the time and a good amount of sunlight, but then lost it in some of the photos).

With the introduction of the Tough Love 99 eyeshadows, it's great to see some of the discontinued shadows come back (i.e. Crow, Neverland, etc), relieved that certain shades remained (i.e. Alice and Shangri-la, two of my favorite eyeshadows), but, in the same instance, some of the shadows I love are now gone (i.e. Bad Romance, Midnight Oasis, etc).

Color description from left to right: Crow 021ME, Star Vega 023P, Alice 025M, Missa 026M.

Crow 021ME: a rich, glossy, metallic black with multidimensional flashes of midnight and green. The exact beautiful bluish/green/ black sheen of a crow...caw, caw.

Star Vega 023P: a matte, sooty-black with violet glitter.

Alice 025M: a matte, primary red.

Missa 026M: a matte, violet-based, dark plum.

Color description from left to right: Concrete Jungle 027P, Shangri-la 028ME, Arabian Ruby 029ME, Flash Back 030ME.

Concrete Jungle 027P: a satin-matte, grey-based, soft, dusty lavender.

Shangri-la 028ME: a rusty pinkish-copper red frost.

Arabian Ruby 029ME: a brown-based, deep reddened-plum with a pink sheen and pink micro-glitter.

Flash Back 030ME: a shimmery taupe with a slight grayish-plummy-mauve undertone and tiny green, pink and silver glitter.

Color description from left to right: Neverland 031ME, North Star 032ME, Morning Moon 033ME, Cigarette 034P.

Neverland 031ME: a metallic, black-based, alpine-green.

North Star 032ME: a metallic, tinsel-silver.

Morning Moon 033ME (discontinued): a metallic, apricot-gold.

Cigarette 034P: a warm, ivory-white with a white-gold sheen.

Color description from left to right: Thriller 035P, Twig 041P, Yesterday 043P, Tiny Dancer 044P.

Thriller 035P: a dark, ash-grey with multi-colored shimmer.

Twig 041P (discontinued): a satin, charcoal grey with pink and green sparkles.

Yesterday 043P: a graphite grey with multi-colored shimmer.

Tiny Dancer 044P (discontinued): a satin-matte, pale-grey with pink micro-shimmer.

Color description from left to right: Bad Romance 045P, Earth Wind 046M, Out of Africa 047P, Safari Mode 048P.

Bad Romance 045P (discontinued): a matte red-based, grape-purple.

Earth Wind 046M: a matte, flesh-brown.

Out of Africa 047P (discontinued): a dark, muted, fern-green.

Safari Mode 048P (discontinued): mid-tone Spanish olive-green with an tarnished gold sheen.

I can't believe Out of Africa and Safari Mode were discontinued! Both shades were absolute stunners. Do you know how hard (almost impossible) it is to find a descent range of green eyeshadows within Japanese cosmetic brands?! I don't know what it is, but for some reason greens are not very popular here; and that sucks for me because greens (tied with purple) are among my favorite shades of eyeshadow.

I haven't purchased any of the new batch of eyeshadows yet (okay, just one). At the moment, I'm preoccupied with scooping up all the limited edition Fall releases (although it's way too hot to think of wearing any of them. Seriously guys, Summer is the worst time to be in Japan). Also, I'm kinda entertaining the idea of buying the massive 99 eyeshadow set. Yes, I own more than one-third of the shades included, but in my head, I'm justifying it by telling myself that they're reformulated...see how it works in my mind of an addic?...makeup, that is :P


  1. These are very helpful, thanks for all the swatches.

    1. I have two more posts to do, but it's been overcast and rainy for the last week. Need to do a rain dance or something.

  2. I see what chu did there with the title! :P

    These all look lovely, it's such a shame we'll never get the chance to get our hands on some of the discontinued shades...Let's hope for another reformulation and comeback!

    Also, I say, go for the 99er!We work, we cope with everyday life, we pay bills, deal with people's shit...What the heck?We only have one life, so buy the eye shadows if they make you happy dammit!

    1. Hehehe, you noticed >:)

      Why is it the shades we love are always the ones discontinued? Who have I pissed off at ADDICTION???

      I'm working on building up the never to get that mega palette. I have until October 31st.

    2. Forget shades!ANY product I decide to take the plunge with seems to be a discontinued product!I was debating on the Suqqu S eyeshadow brush for MONTHS and...you all know what happened...Chanel's Genial...Suqqu's Karakurenai...The make up gods have spared me no luck man,no luck...Thank god I haven't yet tried anything of Addiction or it's quite possible I'd be having a fit! :P

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. I know Anna, I feel your pain! For a while there Suqqu was discontinuing products left and right. I was losing it big time!

  3. Amazing swatches as always! Thanks for the information... I'd be sorely tempted with the 99er!

    1. Man, that mega palette is taunting me! But the Price is what is keeping me away. What to do, what to do?!

  4. OMG!!! Pretty swatches. Now I am so confused on what to get. They are all so very pretty.

    1. Glad to like them. Start from the ones you want the most, and work your way down.

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