Sorry for the dim image, it's raining today.

I received some emails asking about my recent hair color, and it's Palty's Foam Pack in Cappuccino Ash.

Cappuccino Ash is a pretty, cool-toned, golden-ash brown. I thought of going back to a full-on red, but I haven't gotten this obsession of ashy-browns out of my system yet.

For visual references of the color results, please go here (day one), and here (two weeks later).

One downside to Cappuccino Ash is that the shade fades a little faster than I would like (the water in Tokyo is VERY hard, and whatever form of dye I use (boxed or professional), they fade faster). However, I'm adoring this shade so much at the moment that I'll put up with this minor annoyance, and use it one more time, before I move on to my next shade venture.

Hope this helps those of you who asked about my color, talk to you soon <3