From my vault of bathing products, December's Shower Gel is from 2014's Fall Collection: Plum Moscato & Almond Harvest.

Plum Moscato & Almond Harvest Shower Gel's key notes are: 

Plum Moscato, Toasted Almond, Blackcurrant, Lily Blossom, and Vanilla Woods.

The Plum Moscato and Blackcurrant are the most prominent notes, giving the shower gel a wonderful chilled, sweet berry scent without being overbearing; whereas the accents of Toasted Almond and Vanilla Woods provide a underlying warmth. 

I want to say Plum Moscato & Almond has a similar fragrance to one of the shower gel's in the permanent lineup, but I can't put my finger on it...maybe Dark Kiss? However, the note of Toasted Almond gives this shower gel its own festive twist, all the while, giving me visions of dancing sugar-plums this Christmas season. 

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