Today is a bit of an anniversary; seven years of marriage, to be exact. I've been mulling over what to do for the blog's five year anniversary (five years on August 9th) giveaway, and it hit me: blush!

I'm all about the blush. Blush, blush, blush, and, if I had to, I would gladly live on blush alone.

So, what do you blush of your choice from each brand: Addiction, THREE, Laduree, Suqqu, and Chicca.

What you have to do: in the comments, please list your favorite blushers, what upcoming blushes are you pining for, and what Addiction, THREE, Laduree, Suqqu, and Chiccs blushers would you choose.  

To increase your chances of wining (same method as all my previous giveaways):

All gorgeous members (via the members section on the blog) automatically get one entry. So, don't forget to click the "Join this site" button.

For every blog post, tweet, or whatever form of social media you use, mention the giveaway, and you'll earn another two entries per mention (please link the post in the comments, thank you!).

The What Makes You Blush Giveaway ends on August 9th, 11:59p.m. (GMT+9).

This giveaway is open internationally.

I'm really excited for this giveaway, and I'm look forward to your entries!


  1. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! That is such a beautiful picture.

    Blush is my favorite cosmetic item, too, and probably the one I own the most of.

    My 3 favorites are Addiction Aqua Bronze (as blush), NARS Crazed and Tom Ford Narcissist.

    I'm really looking forward to using the NARS Hot Sand blush I just bought, and can't wait to swatch the NARS Impassioned blush when it comes out.

    As for my choices; Addiction Princess Goh, Laduree Pressed 10 - THREE, Suqqu and Chicca I would say send me your favorite, since I don't have any of those brands here and we have a similar skintone.

    Thank you for such an awesome contest!

    1. Thank you for commenting and joining the giveaway Porsha. Us blush fiends must stick together!

      Gradualy, I'll be swatching all the blushes I have from all the brands in the giveaway. So, keep your eyes peeled :)

  2. I'm pining for you!! Hehe Hi!!! How have you been??? I am going to be in Tokyo on the 19th - 22nd and I was hoping to finally get to meet you!! Email me and we can chat!! 😘

    1. Right back at you Sugar. I'm going to try my hardest to see you. We left for Hakone late, actually writing from my cell as Aki drives. Keep me posted on what you're doing in Tokyo :)

  3. Happy Anniversary to you, Aki, and the blog!! My favourite item is eyeshadow but blush is a close second :)

    Right now my current "go-to" blushes are Chanel Bronze Rose, YSL Creme Blush in #7 Red Agate, and the lip & cheek creams from the Shu Uemura Murakami collection (I'm really trying to finish some of these off!)

    Blushes I'm Pining For:
    ADDICTION: 06 Mix Blush
    SUQQU: 04 Mizuhanamoya
    LM Laduree: 107 Pressed Powder Blush
    THREE: 23 Color Veil
    Chicca: 10 Flush Blush (my favourite colour!)

    Tweeted here:


    1. Thank you doll face, but the blogs anni is in August :P

      Love all your current go-to blusher and giveaway picks. You're off to a great start!

  4. My favourite blush is actually a cream blush by a Korean brand: 3CE cream blush. It's sooo good for my dry skin.

    I would love:
    Addiction: 23 autumn afternoon
    Three: 03 sacred dimensions blush
    Suqqu: 01 momoshuiro (I love peach tones!)

    Thank you!

    1. Hi CarlyH, Thanks for joining thr giveaway and taking the time to posts your picks.

      I have normal to dry skin, and have a fondness for cream blushers.

      Good luck!

  5. you took mu breath away with the blush brands! laduree is unvelievably attractive, each of them, especially Eugénie. Ever since i heard about Chicca I had been wanting to try something from the brand. I love suggu concept of duo blush palettes. So thank yo for the amazing giveaway (is the deadline really in august?)
    And - happy anniversary!
    Radmila, from Ukraine

    1. You're in the Ukraine! I've always wanted to go there. I'm glad to like the brands featured in the giveaway.

      Yes, the deadline is in August. I usually start these giveaways in January, and end them on August 9th (the blogs anniversary).

      I'll keep my fingers crossed for you :)

  6. Congrats on your wedding anniversary! :D

    My favorite blushes are Good girl by Addiction and La Vie en Rose by Surratt.

    Upcoming blush I am pinning for: Suqqu's Face Color Palette in EX-4 (it has a blush!)

    Blushes I would choose:
    Addiction: emotional
    THREE: 05 feeling the flow
    Laduree: pressed cheek color in 13
    Suqqu: 01 momoshiro
    Chicca: 01 baby girl

    1. Love all your favs and giveaway selections Shirayuki.

      I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  7. What you have to do: in the comments, please list your favorite blushers, what upcoming blushes are you pining for, and what Addiction, THREE, Laduree, Suqqu, and Chiccs blushers would you choose.
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