I'm taking a break from the blue polishes, and dawning a "mannequin hands" shade that pairs beautifully with dark blue eye looks I've been wearing. Tom Ford's 02 Toasted Sugar is a neutral, flesh-toned-nude creme, with a hint of warmth.

When it comes to formulas, I find Tom ford's lighter nail lacquers (i.e. Show Me The Pink) to be on the problematic side, and require several coats. Yet, Toasted Sugar has that "just right" consistency, applies with ease, and is opaque after only two. Also, the wear time is great, around four to five days.


  1. Pretty!

    I'm so into light neutrals right now - in fact I'm waiting for Yummy Mummy by butter London to dry as I type. Sometimes you just need a good palette cleanser:-)

    1. I have to check my Butter London stash, because I don't think I have Yummy Mummy... Curse me! What are some of your top nudes?