Earl Grey is my all-time favorite tea (with Violet a close second), and one of my preferred blends is from Fortnum & Mason.

I love reaching for the Fortnum & Mason tin caddy; its beautiful colors and printed design, enhances the enjoyment of my earl grey experience.

The loose-leaf tea has a deliciously fresh, and bold, aroma of black tea and bergamot, which makes me want to eat it raw...I'm such a savage (crunch, crunch, crunch)!

I've yet to replace my glass tea pot that broke a few weeks ago. This Kyusu (a traditional Japanese ceramic tea pot) I've had for over eight years will have to suffice. 

Depending on my mood, I like my earl grey two ways: with a slice of lemon, or with milk and (tea aficionados prepare to gasp) sugar. 

After brewing, the tea has a delightful fragrance, and an exceptionally palatable flavor of earl grey, that I'm crazy for. I wish I had those Moulin Rouge Earl Grey cookies I love so much to enjoy with my cup of tea.

The Fortnum & Mason website does ship internationally, but I usually purchase mine at Isetan Shinjuku (my home away from home) The loose-leaf caddies come in two sizes: 125g (2,160 yen) and 250g (3,240 yen), but the 250g eludes me, as it's always sold out.

What's are your favorite flavor of tea?


  1. I'm terrible; I drink builder's tea. I love PG Tips, strong, milky, and sweet. But I'm intrigued by the idea of violet-scented tea. A cup of tea that tastes like the smell of Les Meteorites? Now there's an idea.

    I sometimes buy my husband a food hamper from F&M for Christmas, and I agree; their packaging is beautiful. I may wander over and see what they have to offer.

    1. Hi Poppy Buxom (btw, love your name)!

      I'm right with you Poppy, the milker and sweeter, the better!

      I just made myself a midnight cup of violet tea (Kusmi Tea is my fav). When you add cream and sugar it take just like violet creams...Yummy!

      Have you tried F & M's foodie selection? It's all AMAZING!

  2. Great pics! Really interesting post...thx for sharing! xx

  3. I love Earl Grey also but my fav right now is Green tea with just a bit of sugar.

    1. Have you ever tried green tea with milk and honey? It's delicious!