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Making its debut onto the eyelash enhancing scene in February, Dior's Diorshow Designer Mascara is the latest addition to the brand's mascara ensemble.

Diorshow Designer Mascara came in six shades: 088 Pro Anthracite (LE) , 090 Pro Black, 288 Pro Navy (LE), 698 Pro Brown, 778 Pro Mahogany (LE), 868 Pro Magenta (LE). Aside from having the label of the scarlet "LE" weighing on my buyer's conscience, yours truly could not resist the trappings of these colored mascaras; I bought all four of the limited edition shades.

From what my trusty Dior SA told me, Diorshow Designer was specially developed for Asian lashes. Nevertheless, that doesn't mean the rest of us can't also enjoy it.

The wand has a thin, tapered, pine tree shape (generally, described as cone-shaped, but I think my description is cuter), with fiber bristles. The brush firmly holds onto the lashes, and easily distributed the product, while marvelously defining and separating. Also, the wand's tip works wondering on the lower lashes.

Diorshow Designer's unique, new-generation formula (not water-proof)  boasts to reproduce the effect of lash extensions. The formula isn't dry nor wet; it's that "just right" creamy consistency that coats each lash with ease, without any mess. Its patented AIR-LOCK Wiper prevents the formula from coming into contact with the air; therefore increasing its longevity, and a fresh application for each use. The result is modestly lengthened, lovely curled, wispy lashes. All four mascara colors offer subtle, yet noticeable pigmentation. I've interchangeably used all four mascaras for two weeks, and they've never smudged nor flaked.

From left to right: 088 Pro Anthracite, 288 Pro Navy, 778 Pro Mahogany, 868 Pro Magenta.

088 Pro Anthracite: dark, smokey steel grey with a greenish tinge.

288 Pro Navy: a deep navy with purple microshimmer.

778 Pro Mahogany: a deep oxblood.

868 Pro Magenta: dark magenta with violet microshimmer.

The union of this mascara's wand and formula give my eyes an "open-eyed" with an airy, natural playfulness that I desire in Spring.

Dior's Diorshow Designer Mascara retails for 4,536 yen and contains 10ml/0.33 fl oz.