"I felt like destroying something beautiful," that's what I say to myself whenever I deface the beautifully designed surface of a beauty product.

Part of the Spring 2016 Snow Blooming Beauty Color Collection, the limited edition, Diorsnow Cherry Bloom Rosy Glow Powder Face & Cheeks 001 offers a succession of four shades of face powders, embossed with cherry blossoms blooming on branches.

The light gray, velvet sleeve has a little cute marsupial pouch to houses the adore pink brush included with the powder.

Each row of this velvety smooth "gem" of a luminous face powder can be worn individually, or mixed, to customize a color. Some of my favorite ways of using the Cherry Bloom Rosy Glow Powder Face & Cheeks is to use the first two shades (both semi-translucent) to highlight, or as a setting powder, and the third and four shades as blushers. I particularly love layering the third shade over the fourth. Being that the fourth shade is very pigmented, I was a little hesitant of swirling all the shades together and wearing it allover my face. Yet, those concern were put to rest after seeing the beautiful, brightening, rosy glow the four shades gave my complexion.

Shade description from left to right:

A shimmery, ivory white.

A satin, peach-nude.

A shimmery, cool-toned pink.

A satin, soft, muted, reddened-pinkish-coral.

The dip that's already formed in the middle of the powder, as well as in the lower third and fourth colors, is making me nervous...but, it's been hard to put the Diorsnow Cherry Bloom Rosy Glow Powder Face & Cheeks 001 down.


  1. You've got always the best stuff! If my English is correctly

    1. "You've always have the best stuff." You're English is much better than my Greek; which is nonexistent :p

  2. What a gorgeous product! Best to enjoy it fully!

    1. So much so, I need to remind myself not to neglect my other blushers.

  3. que belleza!!!!!!!
    quiero ese rubor ahora ya!
    un abrazo!