Special delivery from the good ol' U.S. OF A! I got my new laptop!

I'm not a techie person at all. Therefore, I asked my brother-in law to help me in picking out a new computer. He recommended I get a Mac, but I don't like Mac computers (yes, I know, boo hiss. Aki has one and I don't go near it). My last three laptops have all been ASUS, and I loved them; so, that's where my laptop loyalty lies. The two prerequisites I had were the laptop be an ASUS with a 15 inch screen minimum. Keeping those two request in mind, and knowing I have a blog, he chose the ASUS Zenbook Pro.

I love my new gizom (the touch screen is awesome!), but as the same time, it's giving me anxiety because I don't know how to use it :(  I may just end u throwing rocks at it.

As for Christine, she's one ctrl+alt+del away from moving on to the great ether. I still need to transfer all my pics and whatnots to HAL (my new laptop's name) before I take a sledge hammer, blowtorch, and chainsaw to her >:) 


  1. Practice. In a few days you will have your laptop "at your fingertips". Enjoy it!

    1. I've been practicing, and so far, I suck! This laptop is just too advanced for me :P It just me anxiety...hahaha :'(

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