When it comes to dry shampoos, I find myself in a quandary. They're great for absorbing oil and giving your roots extra volume when your hair is in between washes. Yet, I have an aversion to the powdery-matte coarseness they give my hair, as well as their "Shake n'Vac" odor. Once upon a time, I used to use the Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo, but I've fallen out of love with it.

Here's an odd fact about myself: I don't like the feeling certain textures (i.e. matte textures like wall paint, matte nail polish, chalk [when I was in school, I used to dread writing on the board] certain paper, etc.,) as they make me cringe. Peculiar, I know, but that's how I roll.

I didn't know whether to be appreciative, concerned or offended when my hair stylist (Shinobu) introduced Shiseido's Professional The Hair Care Adenovital Root Spray Thinning Hair to me two years ago. My hair isn't thinning, but sometimes it can use a boost between washes.

This 3-n-1 styling product is part of Shiseido's Adenovital Series. This series' state-of-the-art bioscience technology is designed for those who want to prevent hair loss, and/or add volume...and, who doesn't want more volume, right?!

Besides offering voluminous lift, the root spray contains powder that adsorbs excess oil, with no traces of powdery residue. Two other components that I love about the spray is its SPF30/PA+++ UV care, which protects the scalp from UV rays, and the ingredient of adenosine. Adenosine simulates blood circulation, nutrients, and oxygen to flow throughout the roots of the hair, working to prevent hair loss. The only down side to this root spray, that I can think of, is it's floral scent; It's a nice scent, not "Shake n'Vac" at all, but it does linger in the hair.

I have used this root spray about 2-3 times a week for the last four years, and I'm on my fourth bottle. You only need to use a minimal amount to lift your roots to hair band satisfaction. So, one bottle will last you for a long time.

At the salon, I used to pay 3,200 yen for a bottle (220 ml/7.4 fl oz), until I found it on Rakuten for 2,260 yen. And just like hotel restaurants, you know salon's always markup styling products.

What dry shampoos do you swear by?


  1. I had no idea they had this product! Always looking for a good dry shampoo. Klorane isn't bad.

  2. I had no idea they had this product! Always looking for a good dry shampoo. Klorane isn't bad.

    1. Kuri, this product has changed my second day hair game entirely. I don't bother using any other products to give my hair extra lift.

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