I dislike going for long periods of time without blogging. But, Halloween is always a busy time for me, and with my birthday following suit on November 4th, the festivities have only now begun to come to an end.

On November 4th, when Laduree released the bulk of their 2016 Holiday Collection, I had every intention of buying the limited edition, three-toned, petal Face Color Rose Blush, the Makeup Coffret III (not the gaudy, female bust brush holder), and the Honey Liquid Body Soap. Be that as it may, when I got to fool around with the products at the counter, I was underwhelmed, as stuck with my lone purchase (the Honey Liquid Body Soap).

I loved last year's limited edition Violet Liquid Body Soap, and thought Honey would be just as great.

At the counter, the body soap smelled of a delectable honey. Yet, upon use, a flower scent emerged as well. The delicate blend of these two fragrances is very appealing. 

Just like the violet body soap, Honey lathered very well, left my skin feeling cleansed, and not dry nor itchy. In spite of that, my skin doesn't feel as smooth as usual, and it feels a little tight, as if I washed with Rain X. Somewhat of a disappointment, because I really liked the scent. 

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