Number two (of the five) nail lacquers from Dior's Skyline collection, Obscure 818 is a cooler-leaning, neutral, deep bark brown. Obscure's creme finish isn't as glossy as all my other Dior cremes, and thirsts for a top coat. Yet, once all the fixings have been applied, the polish is beautiful.

The lack of luster isn't the only snag with this vernis. Even after two coats, I still had some unevenness; which was corrected after the third application. Also, I only got TWO full days of wear when the polish began to chip to the high heavens.  

I love this color, and how pretty it looks with a top coat, but the application and wear time, is a little disappointing. Guess I'll make an allowance for these faults, and wear it on days when I know I'm going to change my nail color often.
 What dark brown polishes do you have in your collection? 


  1. Brown polishes are my favorite! Gorgeous color, too bad it's temperamental. I don't have one that dark or cool toned.

    1. Ditto, brown polishes has a special place in my
      heart <3 Even through it's a little fussy, it's still worth owning.