I marked my calendar and, for over two months, I've anticipated the December 2nd release of Givenchy's Holiday Palette Collection.

I was away on vacation, and scheduled the delivery date on the 18th, the day of my return. Knowing there would be packages awaiting me, I was excited to get home.

As I opened the compact and gazed unto the products, I thought, "what the @#$%!?"

I didn't care for the power foundation included in the palette. The two lip/cheek shades looked promising, but I was more interested in the eye shadows. However, the shade that made me want to buy the palette has gone through puberty or something, because it's full of bumps! 

I mean, I placed my order directly through the counter. If you've ever been to Japan, and bought makeup, you'll know that the SA's always open and show you each and every item purchased. Did the person handling the order not inspect the palette? If they did, how could anyone find the appearance of that shadow acceptable?

All the girls at the Givenchy counter are lovely, and for a brief moment, I thought "oh well, I'll just keep it. But, the more I looked at the shadow, I just couldn't keep it. I'm sorry, but all the products in the palette are travel sized, and for 8,856 yen, as much as I love you Givenchy, heck NO!

I thought of ordering the palette online, but what if I have the same problem? Japan's return policy on makeup (everything for that matter) is: they don't have a return policy. You buy it, it's yours. Fin! Hopefully, the palette is still available at the counter. If not, sadly, it'll just be a return.

Have you ever received beauty product in unpleasing conditions?


  1. Same here in Greece, no return policy. "Fight" to return it, you are the customer, you have the money, you have the power. Wish you good luck!

    1. You would think the consumer had the power, but not here in the land of the rising sun. They have this attitude like "sorry, the transaction is done." I'm definitely a fighter 👊🏻 They only reason the counter is taking the item back is because I have a long history with the counter and everyone knows me there.