Saturday, December 3, 2016

Saturday Night Special...Dior Nuit 1947

I have a ton of shades like Dior's Nuit 1947, but one can never have too many vampy polishes.

Nuit 1947 is a rich, vampy, marooned, wine red that deepens after an hour of wear with an almost blackened, brownish-purple-wine coloration. What sets Nuit 1947 apart from all the other similar shades in my collection is the sparse, "better-grab-your-microscope-because-it's-in-there" dark pink shimmer, and its lush, crelly, but more on the "jelly side," finish.

One coat gives a pretty pellucid, yet pigmented, wash of color. Depending on your application, a second coat can reveal some slight unevenness; yet, a third coat is just right, delivering a faultless, rich, dark color, with an ultra glossy finish. I couldn't remember the wear time of Nuit 1947. But, I've been wearing it for four days now, and I just got my first chip on the nail of my left ringer finger. 

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