Living in Tokyo is very similar to living in New York, or any part of the world were space is a luxury. Although it pains me to write this, I am running out of space in my designated makeup storage area.

With a new year underway, all the spring collections are beginning to sprout up online and at counters, and I'm already making my purchases. However, I'm not in the mindset for spring yet. I want to take advantage, and maximize, the entire Winter season since we still have 76 days left, and I'm still using (and loving) all my fall and holiday booty.

Hence, enter last year's series "Should it stay or should it go?" which was introduced in the Shu Uemura for Kye Collection. I'm going to try and use whatever sparse room I have left for products I really love and enjoy using.  So, before cataloging last year's acquisitions, they'll either be incorporated, or expelled, before I move onto all the products from my existing collection. I don't think I'll me parting with many items, but I'm exciting to document whatever progress I make, albeit as small as it may be. Wish me luck! 


  1. Space is a luxury, but I like being constrained space wise since I don't use it all anyway. I'm slowly weeding stuff out. It will be inspiring to see how you do it.

  2. Ooh, Liz! I'm super excited to see your process and how you will go about doing this. I went from a NYC apartment (with all the typical space constrainsts) to a house a few years ago. I think my stash exponentially exploded in size. I'm inspired to pare back down again.

  3. Ohh have you done a Tokyo post?? My husband and I are visiting in March and looking for as many local recommendations as possible!