After returning from vacation, I find I need another vacation from my vacation. It's been rough getting back into the swing of things of starting my days at 5am.

The Lauren B Beauty website describes Nude No.5 as "A luminous espresso brown with a hint of mauve." Brown with a hint of mauve?! This description was the reason I purchased Nude No.5 a few years ago.

I would describe Nude No.5 as a pastel (can browns be pastel? If not, this is the first), watered-down, neutral muddy brown, with more of a gesture than hint of mauve, but only in direct sunlight.

All the Lauren B Nail Couture polishes I own are practically opaque with one coat; they apply smoothly, and evenly, with an average wear of 4 to 5 days.

Albeit, it's a beautiful brown polish, and it works well for the upcoming spring season. I wore Nude No.5 on Valentine's day, and received lots of compliments on the manicure.

What browns do you like wearing for spring? 

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