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For whatever reason, Japan only offered two of the three polish shades from the Sarah Moon Collection: Never Tamed & La Dame En Noir. Given my attraction to deep, vampy shades, I picked up La Dame En Noir. However, the other two shades are still available online in the states. So, I may get them in the near future.

La Dame En Noir is a rich, dark claret with a glossy crelly; yet, it leans more on the creme side. finish. The polish's formula is so thin and watery, I thought I forgot to shake the bottle when I first applied it. I didn't have any difficulty applying the polish, but there was some unevenness. La Dame En Noir required four coats to correct any patchiness and get the depths of richness I wanted, which looks stunning.

In my case, the more the coats, the quicker to chip. And, that was my concern with La Dame En Noir, but it wore for 4 day before getting my first chip.

Although there is nothing unique about the shade of Nars' La Dame En Noir, I'm happy to add this nail polish as another notch in my vamp collection belt.


  1. Oh, that is such a gorgeous colour! For me, I have also found that especially with rich colours like these lot of coats also chip quite fast...Four days of wear without a chip sounds incredibly utopic :P

    1. I can never get enough of these shade. I was really impressed with the wear time. This polish reminded me of who pretty NARS polishes are. I really need to give the one I have in my collection more love.