Me last night. 

Last night, I was finishing up a blog post, and about to hit the publish button, when all of the sudden...poof...the blog's domain name was gone. You see, the charges for the domain are automatically deducted annually, and the card that was used for the billing had expired.

I was going through the biggest mission to renew my domain name because I couldn't remember the email used to access the account. I thought I was going to have to sacrifice something, or offer my first born, or something. After two hours of the Interweb rigmarole, I found the support number (btw, it's 1-866-628-1366), finally spoke to a real live boy, and I was able to get my blogging house in order.

Has this happened to any of you? 


  1. This really has to suck. It's exactly like spending your time writing something extremely important on PC, then all of a sudden battery runs out and you haven't saved anything for the past 10 pages... Glad you managed to solve it without tears though! :P

    So, Liz, I would like to ask you something. You have been in the industry for years and have obviously encountered many different people and situations in your job. I will graduate from the makeup "school" I am attending in June and I am looking frantically left and right for kit recommendations. So, would you consider doing a post (or posts) on your ride-or-die products for a professional makeup kit? You know, the absolute essentials be it skin prep, face and body makeup, makeup removal... The basics for someone to have when they're starting their career so that they can be at least adequately prepared for whatever situation may be thrown at them. I find your reviews very well-informed and in-depth, so I feel I could trust in anything you would highly recommend. *insert whiny puppy eyes*

    1. Hi Anna,

      How have you been? Happy belated graduation! I haven't forgotten your request, and I will be doing a kit/ ride-or-die recommendations. Also, are you on Skype? It may be faster to answer your questions via Skype.

  2. Phew! I see from the above comment, you are popular among the Greeks!!!

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