Making it's national debut on March 16th, Celvoke is the new kid on the high-end beauty block. The brand's philosophy seeks to embody a confident sophisticated style, while incorporating formulated beauty components with naturally derived ingredients.

I bought several Celvoke items and have worn them sporadically for almost five months, and today, I'm going to start with the blushes...of course. But, before we sink our teeth into the meat, let's start with the wrapping.

It's only paper, but I really like the 4-tone (white, black, dark and medium gray) color blocking of the exterior packaging.

A semi-translucence, frosted black plastic compact that has a push open button that snaps shut.

Lightweight and sturdy, the plastic doesn't feel flimsy or cheap. Also, a good-sized mirror is included, as well as a brush.

01 Pink

The Comfy Brush (not a typo, but for the sake of my OCD, for the remainder of this post, we'll substitute "brush" for "blush") is available in three shades: 01 Pink, 02 Orange, and 03 Brown. Divided into two sections, the larger pan is the blush and the other, the highlight.

01 Pink: a yellow-based medium pink with a kiss of coral, and a pale baby pink.

02 Orange

Here's a beauty edition of "things you may not know about Japan." In Japan, they don't call blush, blush, they call it cheek. If you say blush, they just look at you in bewilderment, as if you're speaking...Japanese?

02 Orange: a medium cantaloupe and a light, nudy-apricot.

03 Brown

I wish Celvoke would ditch the brush and all the wasted space it takes up, and make the pans larger, making them friendlier for brushes of the larger spectrum. Still, I am pleased the blush pan is larger than the highlighter (ahem. Suqqu).

03 Brown: a orange-toned, nude brown and a nude with a hint of peach.

First thing to note, there is some kick-up when you swirl your brush in the product. Both, the blushers and highlights, have a slightly dry, velvety texture with micro-shimmers, and the same satin finish.

I was a little worried when I first swatched the Comfy Blushes because they looked powdery. However, on the cheeks the blushes show no sign of chalkiness and have this pretty flushed, skin-like sheen. The highlighters, on the other hand, didn't perform as well. Of the three, 02 had a passable sheen. Whereas, the other two blended out into nothing, leaving only micro-shimmers in their wake. Not letting a product go to waste, I solely use the highlighter along the bridge of my nose. Notably, this contains the appearance/migration of the micro-shimmer and, impart a nice, understated sheen.
Are the Comfy Blushes earth shattering? No. Are the shades original? No. And, although the highlighters were underwhelming, the blushes are nicely pigmented. And, what I love most of all about the blushes is the fresh, lively hue they give my complexion.

The comfy blush retails for 3,780 yen, and can be purchased at, Isetan Online, and Cosme Kitchen. 


  1. Oh, exciting! I picked up a handful of the eyeshadows back in May and have been waiting to hear how the blushes are. Thank you for the swatches, they're really pretty!

    1. Awesome! What blush shades are you interested in? Also, what shadows did you get? I got both the palettes, a few single shadows, and the lipsticks (that post is coming soon).

    2. Mostly was interested in the 03 blush; I love those brown blushes :)

      Over the last 10 months I’ve picked up almost all of the permanent shades and the eye palettes that have been LE. I’m loving the 09 palette lately!

      I saw they’ve got some new ‘Basics’ palettes coming out in March but I think I’m going to wait for the summer collection.