Sorry guys, I have a ton of posts sitting in draft limbo, and this is one of them. Anyway, on to the product.

A first time purchase, November's Bath & Body Works,' Bright Autumn Blooms Moisturizing Creamy Body Wash with Pure Honey, was an absolute hit...especially with the husband.

Bright Autumn Blooms Key Notes are: Warm Marigold Petals, Sparkling Bergamot, Cedar Leaf, Golden Amber, and Sandalwood.

A captivating blend of floral, cologne, and woodsy notes infused with a sharp freshness, warmth and iciness; Perfect for the chilliness of Fall and Winter.

The fragrance is long-lasting on the skin as well as in the shower. Every time I turn the shower on, the scent is invigorated throughout the space.

BBW states their creamy body wash "gently cleanses the skin with a rich moisturizing lather," and I totally agree; you only need a dime-sized amount to workup a velvety lather. However, as enamored I am with the scent and feel of Bright Autumn Blooms, I found myself using more than needed. After showering, my skin feels cleansed and soft.

I wish I had several backups of the creamy body wash, and all other products, in this heavenly fragrance. I'm not sure if Bright Autumn Blooms is a reoccurring seasonal scent or if it has been around for some times. But, I hope they bring it back next fall (in the same creamy formulation) because I will definitely repurchase it, and stock up as if they were emergency rations.     

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