Monday, January 15, 2018

Disco Inferno! China Glaze Disco Ball Drop

With a name like me Disco Ball Drop (which is exactly that, a disco ball in nail polish form), how could I not wear this nail lacquer on New Year's Eve?

Disco Ball Drop is a clear base, with a mixture of small and medium hex silver holographic glitter. Mainly, I'll be using this polish as a topper, but an opaque manicure can be achieved using the sponge technique. However, out of curiosity as to how many coats it would take to get full coverage, I applied Disco Ball Drop the old-fashioned way.

Unlike Don't Be A Snow-Flake's tinted base (that masked my not-so-perfect glitter placement), Disco Ball Drop requires more attention when spreading it onto the nails. The polish's finish is gritty, calls for two top coats to get the most out of the sparkle, and is formidable to remove.

If you want to take the disco ball effect up a notch, I recommend layering it over a silver polish. I would have shown you, but I couldn't find the sole light silver polish in my collection. #sparktacular.

Monday, January 8, 2018

The Failing Snow...Bath & Body Works' Fresh Sparkling Snow Shower Gel

Has Bath & Body Works' ever made their Winter fragrance into a shower gel? Pardon my ignorance, as I was unfamiliar with the Fresh Sparkling Snow fragrance, and I didn't read the scent description when purchasing. Fresh Sparkling Snow was my final pick during one of BBWs' 3 for 3 sales, and I was hoping it was going to be the Winter scent in a shower gel.

The embossed, glittery, snowflake packaging, and turquoises colored shower gel is a nice festive, Mr.frost, winter-y touch.

December's shower gel, Fresh Sparkling Snow is described as a "sparkling blend of Iced Pear, Frozen Melon, Winter Apple, Snowdrop Blossom and Frosted Musk. Yes, because nothing smells more like Winter than pears and melons. Don't get me wrong, this shower gel has a great scent. I smell more apple than pear, but no melon at all. The floral note adds a nice depth. The fresh, coolness (which I assume is the Frosted Musk) of Fresh Sparkling Snow is the only thing, I feel, gives this shower gel a smidgen of winter appeal.

Final verdict: A nice scent, but I wouldn't use if during Winter.

What did you bathe with in December? 

Don't Be A Snow-Flake...China Glaze Nail Lacquer

I got all 12 of the nail lacquers from China Glaze's Glam Finale Collection, and first up is: Don't Be A Snow-Flake (a name apropos for today's culture, I'd say).

When I saw Don't Be A Snow-Flake, I was both intrigued and terrified by it. I was Intrigued by the concept of the polish, and the dazzling effect of all the holographic glitter. I was terrified because placement of glitter polishes isn't my forte, as well as knowing what a pain removing Don't Be A Snow-Flake was going to be.

I was unable to capture the beautiful sparkle of the holographic glitter.

A slightly bluish-light gray crelly, with small and large hex silver holographic glitter, the formula is extremely sheer on the first coat (great if you want to use it as a topper), with a fairly decent consistency. However, the more layers I added, the thicker the formula began to feel. Also, maneuvering the glitters with the brush is key to ensure even, clump-free distribution. Don't Be A Snow-Flake does dry textured and requires one to two top coats.

Completely opaque in four coats, Don't Be A Snow-Flake rested a little too thick on my nails for my liking. However, I was able to overlook this minor flaw because the multi-colored, glimmering holographics reminded me of the embossed glitter on some Christmas cards...and I'm feeling nostalgic this year. 

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Excuse Me If I Seem Audacious...NARS Linda, Aya, Louise, & Kirat Audacious Lipsticks

Back in 2014, when NARS released the Audacious Lipsticks, like Pokemon, I wanted to catch'em all!

Unfortunately, just like Japan's launch of Pokemon Go, my progress has been slow. I can't believe I only own four of them?!...note to self: get more!

From left to right: Linda, Aya, Louise, Kirat. 

The magnetized casing is great and all, but a b@#$% when trying to photograph the lipsticks side by side. Louise was a causality of the magnetization. She was pushed off the table and plunging head first onto the floor. They say a picture is worth a thousand words... this one is worth a thousand screams.

Lat Fall, NARS released six Audacious Lipsticks, of which I picked up four: Louise, Linda, Kirat, and Aya.

From left to right: Linda, Aya, Louise, Kirat. 

Linda: a deep, warm caramel.

Aya: a dark, warm chocolate brown with a slight reddish undertone.

Louise: a dark, warm brick red.

Kirat: a dark, warm eggplant purple with a slight pinkish undertone.

All four lipsticks have a cream finish, and are densely pigmented, with minor hydration. Each of these shades were gorgeous for Fall, with Linda being my personal favorite (I wish I would have gotten a back up). Since winter started, I've been using Aya, Louise, and Kirat a lot more. In Japan, both Linda and Aya were limited edition.

NARS in one of the few western brands that isn't astronomically marked up in Japan. The Audacious Lipsticks retail for 3,996.

Which Audacious Lipsticks do you have in your collection?

And On And On It Spins...

Can we talk? (figuratively speaking, of course) I don't do New Year's Resolutions, but before the new year began, I told myself, "self, you're not going to buy any of the 2018 Spring releases." However, one week (and three collection purchases) into the year, I'd say my declaration isn't going so well.

I've been growing tired on the incessant limited edition collection releases, the purchasing frenzy, and the stress and aggravation they cause when I make my purchases. I would never do a "no-buy," but I want to get off the overly saturated beauty hamster wheel.

Although I'm always buying beauty products, I don't purchase these items solely for the purpose blogging. Be that as it may, I do want to share them (as well as my thoughts of them) with you.

2017 was an extremely busy year for me, and I blogged less than 5% of my acquisitions; and I'm not satisfied with that. I understand retail is always a season ahead, and Spring collections are already dropping; but we're only 17 days into Winter, and I've posted nothing of my Winter (or Fall) beauty purchases. I noticed Makeup Museum mentioned being in the same predicament on Instagram, and it was comforting to know I'm not alone.

So, if you'll bear with me (until March 21st, the official start of spring), instead of putting all these purchases away until their next respective seasons (I have mountains of past collections I've done this to throughout the years), I'm going to post on all (if not must) of my purchases from the last two seasons.

Also, I've been trying to catalog all the beauty products I own (in their proper collection entirety  when possible) since the inception of the blog. And, what better way to start then with the last two seasons before I put them away in preparations for Spring, and they get swallowed in the beauty abyss that is my collection.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on what I just wrote in the comments, thank you. 

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Puppy New Year!

Can you believe it's already 2018?! Apart from all the Bonenkais and Shinenkais, New Year's Eve is pretty uneventful and low-key in Japan. A tradition of mine to ring in the new year is to order in food (or cook), and watch the Poseidon Adventure...exciting, I know. However, this year, my friend Mitsue and I hosted a 1920's themed New Years Eve party (a post on that look is coming soon).

I would like to wish you all a beautiful New Year. Thank you for your support, and being part of the blog. Looking forward to discovering new beauty finds together in 2018.

What did you do this New Years Eve or Day? Do you have any traditions you like to do?

Happy New Year!

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