With a name like me Disco Ball Drop (which is exactly that, a disco ball in nail polish form), how could I not wear this nail lacquer on New Year's Eve?

Disco Ball Drop is a clear base, with a mixture of small and medium hex silver holographic glitter. Mainly, I'll be using this polish as a topper, but an opaque manicure can be achieved using the sponge technique. However, out of curiosity as to how many coats it would take to get full coverage, I applied Disco Ball Drop the old-fashioned way.

Unlike Don't Be A Snow-Flake's tinted base (that masked my not-so-perfect glitter placement), Disco Ball Drop requires more attention when spreading it onto the nails. The polish's finish is gritty, calls for two top coats to get the most out of the sparkle, and is formidable to remove.

If you want to take the disco ball effect up a notch, I recommend layering it over a silver polish. I would have shown you, but I couldn't find the sole light silver polish in my collection. #sparktacular.

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