In the mood for a more "soft, girlie" manicure, today I reached for O.P.I's Tagus in That Selfie!

Tagus in That Selfie! is a yellow-based, medium pink cream from the Lisbon Collection. Even though the formula was on the thicker side, I had no problems with application. Albeit, I did have some minor patchiness with the first coat, but it was corrected on the second.

This is my second time wearing Tagus in That Selfie!, and I don't recall how long it wore the first time around...I want to say four to five days, but I really can't remember.

I'm not sure, but I like to think the Palace of Necessidades was the shade inspiration for Tagus in That Selfie!

Although not an original shade, I believe Tagus in That Selfie! is a shade of pink that would look flattering on most skin-tones. 

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