Before I put these Spring Laduree blushers away, let me document, and post them on here before they get swallowed by their designated blush drawer.

I'm not a fan of Laduree's exterior packaging. But, for some reason, I was drawn to the pastel pistachio green cases, and the french country-esque fruit basket print, that is encased in the center of the lid instead of the brand's hallmark cameo.

Among the limited edition products released in Laduree's Le petit dejeuner Spring Collection, I only picked up four of the five Pressed Cheek Color N blushes in shades 106, 107, 109, and 110. blusher 108 was a pale, peachy-pink matte that would have worked as a blush topper.

At first, these blushers had me a very worried, because they swatched horribly! It was hard to get any color payoff, and they didn't look dry...they looked thirsty! All four of them have a white base, and a chalky texture (as you can see in the swatch below). Thankfully, they blended well and looked flattering on the cheeks.

From left to right: 106, 107, 109, 110.

106: a pastel cantaloupe.

107: a pastel, muted red-violet.

109: a pastel, muted strawberry-pink.

110: a pastel, muted peach-brown.

Out of the four, 107 and 110 are my favorites. Most likely, I'll be selling 106 and 109, as they deserve to go to someone who would use them more. Email me if you're interested!


  1. Hello, thanks for the information. Have a nice day

    1. I'm still torn whether I'm going to keep 106 and 109...the struggle.