What the heck is going on with the weather? Just when I thought Autumn was making its appropriate entrance this season (usually, the weather begins to cool down towards the end of October), it's hot again!

Oh well, at least I get to squeeze one more wear of O.P.I's Sun, Sea and Sand in My Pants. A bright (yet muted), warm, egg-yolk yellow that works nicely during summer, and fall.

I google searched Lisbon Yellow to see what the inspiration for the shade was. And, this is what I got. Apparently, these vintage yellow trams are a tourist attraction in their own right.

As pretty as the color is, I must say the formula of Sun, Sea and Sand in My Pants isn't very good. I had to apply four coats to correct all the streaks, and unevenness.

I'm torn with this one; I like the shade, but the application was the absolution pits! So much so that I'm debating if I should keep it in my collection. What do you think?

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