Let's chit-chat, or ramble, if you will. But, before we do (and, I know I'm beyond fashionably late), I want to formally wish you a Happy New Year.

I have many vices, and makeup it definitely in the top tier. Whenever my blogger friends talk about their "no buys," I would jokingly scoff with them, and express how "I could never go on a 'no buy.'" However, within the last year or so, I've been reevaluating my shopping addiction habits, and the idea has become more and more appealing.

Begrudgingly, the brand that made me want to proverbially "break the wheel," "jump ship," or "get off the train," is SUQQU. I'm so tired of their EXTREMELY limited edition/limited quantity releases. In all fairness, this goes for many brands (and I'm tired of them as well), but SUQQU (a brand I truly love) is leading the pack, and running with the exclusivity torch.

You would think, after every single limited edition release sells out within a matter of minutes (2 minutes to be exact in some cases), they would increase the unit amount of limited edition products in their collections; but, no. This scarcity of  product, combined with the hype of social media, creates a buying frenzy among myself and other consumers (aka makeup addicts). I find this lack of production as a "reasonable" supply, to an already inflated demand, utterly inconsiderate to customers.

I'm done contacting the counters, trying to find out collection release dates, and if/when they are accepting reservations. I'm done with going 3+ hours before the store's opening hours, and waiting in queue to reserve products because the counters won't take them over the phone. Heaven forbid, my work load gets busy, and I miss the narrow reservation window, and I have to go to the store 3+ hours before opening to secure my purchase. I'm just sick of it.

That said, I'm not saying I will never line-up in one of these crazy queues again. But, it's going to have to be a collection to die for for me to get my portable chair out.

At this moment, I still don't think I can bring myself to do a "no buy' per-se. Perhaps, more of a "selective buy," where I'm more fastidious with which products I give my shekels to.

What do you think? Have you had your fill of all the skimpy limited edition product releases?


  1. This is really disappointing to hear. I always assumed the Suqqu supply in Japan was much better than the middle of the night gong show I go through every time a collection drops on Selfridges.

    You're not the first person I've heard complain about Suqqu's forced scarcity issue, but what gets me is that they send out PR to hype up these collections but by the time most of that promotion gets posted, the items in question are sold out. Obviously that is part Suqqu's problem and partly the problem of the people they're sending it to, but overall it's just seemed in poor taste to talk about things that are already gone.

    The past few releases I'd been feeling they'd increased the UK supply because stuff I wanted was still available the following day, but then this most recent launch with the liquid blushes went back to the old *blink and you'll miss it* scenario :(

  2. Suqqu baffles me . I think they never figured out how to cater to the western market' needs AND to remain "the good old Suqqu " as we their old customers known them. Every year there's a new foundation , and the shades are always different ( 003 is not the same across the board... ), the foundation gets pulled off in couple of months and then they release a new one, and the circle starts over...
    I understand they like the money and the hype BUT I think they've lost so many old customers AND haven't retained new customers by this new business approach . I haven't bought a Suqqu quad in more than 3 years ..... The only foundation I have bought in these 3-4 years from Suqqu is the new Extra rich glow (after months of trying to find the right shade ) .
    In general terms , LE collections have become so utterly irritating for me . Not just from Suqqu, but from every brand . The collabs , LE , Holiday editions, none are doing it for me for a while . The quality dropped , the market is over-flooded ,and dare I say - none are "special".
    With this being said, I don't consider myself a makeup collector , I'm just a makeup user who has a deep love for anything bronzey lol