Someone needs to tell Father time to stop! I can't believe it's been over a month (almost two) since my last blog post?! Time flies when you're overworked!

I meant to post this back in December, when I got them. However, they arrived a few days before I left to the states. I was able to photograph, and play with them before I left (I took two of the shades with me). I had all intentions to write this post while I was in the states, but this was my first time meeting my nephew and youngest niece, and she had me busy, round-the-clock playing unicorns with her.

I learned of Lisa Eldridge's True Velvet Collection launch via my Instagram feed. As I hurriedly typed the website's address, I expected to find everything sold out. Surprisingly, it wasn't and I swiftly placed my order.

Individually, the lipsticks are priced at £26.00. If I purchased all three (which I planned to), the total cost would be £78.00. Therefore, it made more since to buy the set, which included all three lipsticks, along with a velvet makeup bag for £75.00; thus, saving myself 3 quid.

As I opened the box, my first impression of my purchase was the black velvet bag, with Lisa Eldridge's embroidered emblem on it, that housed the lipsticks.

Lovely, simplistic matte white, and dulled metallic gold colored box.

Admittedly, after my initial squee towards the attention to detail of wrapping the lipstick tubes in delicate black tissue paper, I instantly thought of an uncut makizushi (even when I'm full, my mind is always hungry).

The exterior packing is simple, sleek and modern, Yet, the shade Mrs. Eldridge chose for the tubes (that I like to describe as an "old hollywood" gold) also gives the design a classic appeal. The tubes are magnetized, and just as Lisa Eldridge stated, in close range they will repel one another making them fun to arrange when trying to photograph.

Now, the product itself: I have never seen a lipstick as magnificent as the Plush True Velvet Lipsticks. The lipsticks' surface texture mimics the appearance of velvet fabric.

From left to right: Velvet Morning, Velvet Ribbon, Velvet Jazz. 

Velvet Morning: a bold (yet deep) reddened orange.

Velvet Ribbon: a classic, neutral bluish-red.

Velvet Jazz: a muted, deep, brick red.

An intensely pigmented and creamy formula, the True Velvet lipsticks glide on smoothly, providing full opacity in one-swipe; however, you will need to use a lip brush or lip liner if you want to perfect the lip shape. Long-lasting and extremely comfortable, the lipsticks have an almost weightless feel. The True Velvets are marketed as a "hydrating matte with a slight sheen," and I agree. If you want to tone down the light-reflecting sheen, and get a more velvet matte finish, simply blot with a tissue.

Velvet Morning.

Velvet Ribbon.

Velvet Jazz.

I truly hope Lisa Eldridge will release more shades of these True Velvets because the formula, and performance, of these lipsticks are quickly becoming my favorite. If the line was extended, I think it would be fun to continue to offer 3 variants of various shade ranges.


  1. Lovely post. I'm really hoping these get another release.. I would love to get Velvet Jazz.

    1. Why are I not receiving notice of comments?! Anyway, The formula, finish and performance of these lipsticks are stellar. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you dear for a re-release of the original shades, as well as new ones ;)

  2. Lisa Eldridge's lipsticks are on the top of my list of favourite makeup last year. I would die for their velvet lipsticks!