I always look forward to China Glaze's Halloween Collections. I love them, and wish more mainstream brands would release themed polishes for All Hallow's Eve, don't you?!

With that said, I find there seems to be a disconnect between the polish shades and the crime noir- theme, and shade names of this year's To Catch a Colour Collection. For me, the mystery/thriller-theme lacks that spooky/supernatural element I need for Halloween, and would have worked best for a fall release; they just don't seem to match with one another.

Green with Jealousy has a bewitching, murky teal base, with green and gold shimmers. Opaque in two coats, the polish finish is a little dull. Actually, I really liked this shade, but I was disappointed with the absence of  the glowy-radiance these types of shimmer polishes seem to have. So, You'll need a good top coat to revive the glimmer.

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