A Polish Pickup May 2020 Candy Land theme release, Sassy Cats Lacquer states the polish was inspired by Agnes shoving her face into a bowl of candy, whatever that means. If you know the reference please tell me in the comments because I have no clue.

Sassy Cats Lacquer's Agnes Meet Candy! is a deep magenta base loaded with various shapes, sizes, and finished of pink, orange, purple, magenta, lime green, electric blue glitter.

The glitters distributed while on the nails. However, I applied three coats to get the opacity and depth I wanted from the base color. I wore Agnes Meet Candy! for five days without any wear damage before changing to another polish. You'll need to use your tried and trusted nail polish remover because this polish will not go quietly into the night.


  1. Your nails are so gorgeous and nice

    1. Thank you my dear. After moving to Tokyo (12+ years ago) it was out of necessity that I learned how to do my nails.

  2. My next gf better have nails this lovely.