Instead of swatching all my Bobbi Brown Luxe Matte Lip Color Lipsticks, I thought it would be fun to showcase my favorite Summer shades: Bold Nectar, Cheeky Peach, Fever Pitch, On fire, Rebel Rose, and Vibrant violet.

I'm very fond of the elegant, weighty, gold packaging of the Luxe Lip Color lipsticks. So, I was pleasantly pleased when the brand revamped the tubes by giving them a matte, brushed metal finish to coincide with the Luxe Matte formula.

The Luxe Matte formula has a velvety-cream consistency that is lightweight, yet dense, with full coverage. As for their longevity, they last for an extremely long time, but not forever. These lipsticks will transfer to the rim of your drinks and wear off with meals. However, they leave behind a pretty stain. So, you don't have to worry about any unsightly patches or unevenness.

From left to right: Cheeky Peach, Bold Nectar, Rebel Rose, Fever Pitch, On Fire, Vibrant Violet.

Cheeky Peach: a bright, coral-pink that I love for both Spring and Summer.

Bold Nectar: a vibrant, slightly cool-toned watermelon.

Rebel Rose: a bright raspberry pink.

Fever Pitch: an intense orangey-red.

On Fire: a blue-toned, vibrant, red with a touch of pink.

Vibrant Violet: an intense purplish-fuschia. I enjoy wearing this shade during Summer and Fall.

All six shades are bold, insanely-pigmented, and I love them!

Have you tried the Luxe Mattes? Are any of these your summer favorites?