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Inspired by the colorful sugar-coated marshmallow confection (that no Easter basket is complete without), Dollish Polish's, Where My Peeps At?, is described as "a bright turquoise crelly with subtle indigo shimmer, and packed with hot pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple matte micro glitters."

Dollish Polish perfectly encapsulated the sugary treat in polish-form. However, in regards to the indigo shimmer, they took subtleness to a stealth-like degree because I don't see any trace of it in the bottle or on the nails. The formula is very thin, so, it takes about five coats to get total opacity. Once dry, the surface is slightly textured, but not gritty. However, the grittiness is fixed with a topcoat. Also, because of the glitters, Where My Peeps At? is a workhorse of a polish wearing for an entire week, and then some. 

I've been waiting to wear this polish (specifically for Easter) since I got it back in May of 2020. Regardless, of its lack of shimmer or the number of coats needed, the color combination of the bright turquoise base and the multicolored glitter, along with its namesake,Where My Peeps At? is a fun polish befitting Easter as well a spring.

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