The creator of Great Lake Lacquer drew inspiration from the children's toy, paper dolls, when formulating the polish, "Paper Me Up". 

As a kid, I used to love running to the magazine/book section of the drugstore, and grabbing coloring and paper doll books. Who else remembers playing with these paper cutout figures, or am I just an old hag?

Funny enough, Paper Me Up's origin piqued my interest in looking up the history of paper dolls. If you're curious like I was, I recommend researching it; it's quite amusing. 

Paper Me Up is a white crelly, filled with red to gold to green, and purple to blue to red shifting multichrome flakes, And, it is finished with, and depending on the angle, a sparkling, shifting shimmer that goes from purple to red to pink to gold to a teal-green. 

Although the flakes and shimmer instantly showcase its beauty from the first coat, the base goes on vary thin (almost translucent), and does need 3 to 4 layers to build up the color. Even then, I could still see traces of my nail line peeking through. 

My makeup and polish choices are very much influenced by the seasons, and my surroundings. I would label Paper Me Up as a spring polish, and I've liked wearing it during this climate. 

As for the "Should it stay or should it go" series, it also applies to polishes, and Great Lake Lacquer's Paper Me Up is staying.