Today, since I only worked for two hours, I've decided to give myself a much needed manicure. After moving to Tokyo, I've had to learn how to do my own nails (and I still have a lot of learning to do!).

As I was rummaging through my polishes, I came across Revlon's Cocoa Shimmer; I don't know how but I totally forgot about this one.

Cocoa shimmer is a pinkish bronze with pink and green sparkles. I wouldn't say this polish is a douchrome per se, but there is this pretty pinkish/reddish sheen to it (wait, doesn't that make it duochrome???); odd since the sheen doesn't show in the bottle but appears once appealed to my nails.

Two coats need to achieve the same color in the bottle  is all you

Unfortunately with day is still cloudy and gray. I tired to capture the pinkish/reddish sheen but the image came out blurry. Well, at least you can see some of the green and pink sparkles in the polish, not a total fail.

Cocoa Shimmer is a lovely summer color as well as transition into fall shade. Unfortunately, this polish was a limited edition shade but I did go online and found a few on ebay : )  

I'd like to know what some of your favorite polishes for fall.

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time 


  1. This is a beautiful shade <3 I love dusty shades of plum and brown right now... Barry M Mushroom is a gorgeous one too <3 I also like to layer a sparse chunky glitter over a creme and then put a matte topcoat over it. It makes the glitter appear to glow rather than sparkle and it looks really classy and beautiful. <3 Amy x

  2. Same here, loving my browns and plums :) the fall weather is slowly creeping in, but still a bit to sunny for my favorite deep fall/winter colors. Also, thanks for the tip technique, Sounds as if the end result would look beautiful. Must try it!!

    By the way, I found the revlon cocoa shimmer on sale on ebay and the seller has a good rating and does ship international(if your interested)

    Here's the link:

  3. I did a google search for this color and your page came up. Very pretty color, and great blog! Followed ya :) I moved to Tokyo myself back in 2010, but have since been transferred to Osaka.

    I co-write two beauty blogs, one strictly for polish and one general makeup/skincare, please check them out if you're interested :)

    Take care!

  4. Hi Renee!!!!

    Hajimemashite soshite yokoso :D

    Cocoa Shimmer is a fav of mine...but I love all my polishes :) Do you have it? Thank you for joining and enjoying the blog :)

    So what brought you to Japan? I've only been to Osaka once but loved it there.

    Love your way of writing. I've gone ahead and subscribed to both your blogs :)

    Okay enough of my interrogation, please keep in touch!!



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