Every month, I go through a 8.4-10 fl.oz bottle of shower gel and this month's shower gel is L'Occitane's Bergamot Tea.

This is one of my FAVORITE scents of ALL TIME!! When L'Occitane discontinued( WHY!!!!!) this line, I think I waged  a personal jihad on the company :p

Bergamot Tea harmoniously blends the aromas of black tea leaves and calabrian bergamot. The hints of cardamom and woodsy notes subtly accentuate this citrus tea fragrance.

I am a true lover of tea scents and L'Occitane's bergamot tea is my favorite. I was elated (actually, I think I screamed) when I found this shower gel at one of the duty-free shops in Nartia International Airport( that was about four months ago); I picked up two bottles : ) 

Also, I found and picked up two bottles of the Eau De Toilette at the L'Occitane outlet store at Sawgrass Mills Mall on my last trip to Miami; that was a seven months ago.

Eau De Toilette ($46), Shower Gel ($20), Solid Perfume ( $7)

So there's hope for everyone yet!! So check your duty-free shops and outlet stores :D

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time

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