Life's a Peach (on the left) & Aruba (on the Right

Okay, about a month ago (shame on me!) I said I would post a description and some swatches of Sleek's Life's a Peach and Aruba blushes. Sorry that it has taken me this long to finally post this but here you go : )

Overcast skies
Life's a Peach (on the left) & Aruba (on the Right

Life's a peach is a matte light peach blush with orange undertones. I'd say that Life's a Peach is one of the sheerer blushes that Sleek offers. Although this blush does require some elbow grease, don't get discouraged, this blush can be built up in intensity. I see myself playing with this shade in spring. Life's a peach is part of the permanent blush collection.  

The skies cleared a bit
Life's a Peach (on the left) & Aruba (on the Right)

Aruba is a bright, almost neon orange matte blush, I think that this blush may even glow under a black light (I feel my inner Mr.Wizard coming on :P) Now, depending on how light or heavy you apply this blush, I can actually see this shade working all year round; but it would look particularly pretty during Summer. Aruba is part of Sleek's Caribbean Collection and is limited edition

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time