Today's review is on Urban Decay's Pocket Rocket Lip gloss in Jesse; this was one of the items that came in my recent package. I purchased this lip gloss for $5.00 (Pocket Rockets retail for $19.00) at during their most recent Urban Decay sale.

Pocket Rockets come in a flat plastic tube that feel comfortable in your hands and are great for slipping into your pockets. The top of the tube has a holographic photo of a different gentleman of which each lip gloss is named after.  If you move your Pocket Rocket back and forth, you'll get to see him in his undies ; ) 

I'm not really digging this Jesse guy in the photo and trust me when I say this, I love my tattooed rocker boys. This image makes me want to wrap tape all around the top of the lip gloss, just so I don't have to see Jesse in his underwear.

Jesse is a blackberry shade with gold sparkles. I loved the color and thought this would be a nice gloss for fall. Unfortunately, I couldn't get over the horrible maple syrup scent of this product. I had hoped that the smell would dissipate after some wear; but the repugnant scent began to give me a headache and I took it off after only 10 minutes of wear.

I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone!!! The color is nice, but not unique and the scent is just too repulsive and overwhelming. This Pocket Rocket will be lifting off into my trash can.

I would like to hear your thoughts and opinions on Urban Decay's Pocket Rockets.

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time


  1. I always thought those lip glosses were neat but I would be mortified if I pulled that out in public ><