I'm still sick as a dog, but I decided to paint my nails in an attempt to try to make myself feel better : D

I normally paint my nails every 5 to 7 days (that's about as long as most nail lacquers last on me) and this week's shade is Opi's Ski Teal We drop.

This Shade is part of Opi's Swiss Collection (one of my favorites) and permanent.

Please ignore the nail on my middle finger. I broke it yesterday while trying to open a prescription bottle. Curse those child safety caps!! 

Ski Teal We Drop is a gorgeous deep teal color. A dark teal shade that leans more towards the blue in teal than the green. Ski Teal We Drop can go on a bit streaky with one coat but that's quickly corrected with a second application. This polish could be worn year round but there is something about fall/winter that really makes this shade stand out.

What polish are you rocking at the moment?

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time


  1. it looks so pretty! its rare to see such a nice cream shade from opi!

  2. Thanksyou for your kind comment :) That shade is so pretty, I need it in my life XD