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Back in 2009, while stalking the makeup counters at one of my favorite cosmetic hunting grounds (the Isetan in Shinjuku of course) hidden in one of the corners, I came upon the brand 'Addiction by Ayako'. In fear of what damage I may inflict onto my pocket book, I decided to flee and avoid another brand obsession.  Now fast forward to 2011, I decided to take the plug and delve into this brand. I purchased 12 eye shadows back in November (Yes, I'm writing a review 6 weeks after the fact, but I wanted to test the product out first) as a little birthday gift to myself  :)

Addiction is a high end Japanese cosmetic brand by the New York based makeup artist Ayako. The brands creative director's portfolio ranges from international fashion magazines, Advertising Campaigns, to music videos. Ayako has work with several prominent photographers, including Steven Meisel, Karl Lagerfeild, and Terry Richardson. Her celebrity clientele includes, Naomi Campbell, Penelope Cruz, and Jennifer Lopez. Also, Ayako formally worked as the International Makeup Director for Nars Cosmetics.

Now onto the 12 eye shadows, their names, color description and swatches :)

 From left to right:  Sandbar, Nostalgia, Flash Back, Singita (natural lighting)

                    From left to right:  Sandbar, Nostalgia, Flash Back, Singita (with flash)

Sandbar: an icy pale pinkish peach flesh-tone shade with a pearl finish.

Nostalgia:  A warm brown taupe with tiny silver glitter.

Flash Back:  A shimmery taupe with a slight grayish plummy mauve undertone and tiny green, pink and silver glitter.

Singita:  Similar to Flash Back minus the shimmeer and glitter. A taupe with a grayish plummy mauve tinge with a pearl finish.

  From left to rightSafari Mode, Arabian Ruby, Bagdad Cafe, Twig (natural light)

From left to rightSafari Mode, Arabian Ruby, Bagdad Cafe, Twig (with flash)

Safari Mode: A midtone olive green (reminds me of Spanish olives) with an tarnished gold sheen.

Arabian Ruby: A brown based deep plum with a pink sheen and micro pink glitter.

Bagdad Cafe: A dark chocolate brown with gold and copper glitter.

Twig: A satin finish charcoal grey with pink and green sparkles.

 From left to right: Thriller, Yesterday, Crow, Pink Python (natural light)

  From left to right: Thriller, Yesterday, Crow, Pink Python (with flash)

Thriller: A pink tinged pewter with multi-colored shimmer.

Yesterday: A slate grey with multi-colored shimmer.

Crow: A metallic sooty black based midnight blue with multidimensional blue/green overtones. The exact beautiful bluish/ black sheen of a crow.

Pink Python:  An ash black with multi-colored shimmer.

Addiction eye shadows are housed in sleek,glossy, lightweight black plastic cases. These shadows retail  at 2,100 yen ( that's $ 26.97) for 1.2 grams of product. This is a bit steep, if you compare it to Nars Single Eye Shadows at 2.5 grams for $23.00, but I love these shadows and I'm a cosmetic masochist  : O

These eye shadows are luxuriously outstanding!! Finely milled, satiny smooth in texture, and the wear time is PHENOMENAL!  The quality and pigmentation of Addiction shadows can easily be compared to that of Nars and Inglot eye shadows. So, within the last 7 weeks of using these eye shadows, Addiction is tied with Shu Uemura as being my Favorite Japanese cosmetic brand. Sadly, Addiction by Ayako is currently only sold in Japan, but if you're interested in this brand, just let me know and maybe we can work something out :)

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time


  1. I have decided after reading this post to make a "When I go to Japan Shopping List" based on your blog! These are gorgeous shadows and the taupes are too good to pass up! Can't wait to see what you can do with these!

  2. Hehehe, that's going to be one very long list :P Well whenever you get over here, I'll take you to some amazing stores!!!! If you want to try some of these, just let me know. Looks coming soon.

  3. Safari Mode is gorgeous! Thanks for your swatches. I hope you will continue to do Addiction swatch posts.

    1. Hey BooBoo! Sorry...I couldn't help it :P

      You have nothing to worry about. I have another Addiction post coming up, as well as some other Japanese brands :)

    2. Safari mode is really gorgeous, actually, they all are!!! Do you have access to these shadows?

    3. No apology is necessary :) It's my name! (And a fun one to say, I think.) Sadly, I don't have access to these shadows. I am relatively new to makeup. Being a beauty blog reader and a student, I've learned to appreciate quality products and getting the most for my money. Unfortunately for my wallet, I don't like glitter so I find that the drugstore isn't the best option for me. I was drawn to the quality of Addiction's matte and pearl shadows in Dain's swatches, but your swatches show me that even the glittery shades (e.g. Python) may be do-able for me.

      (I apologize if I have repeated something in my other comment)

    4. No need to apologize for anything :) I'm not a fan of glittery eyeshadows either. Sadly most Japanese makeup is loaded with glitter!!!! But to be honest, the shadows with "glitter" is more of a sophisticated glitter. It's subtle, not juvenile. By the way, I'll be doing another addiction post this week :)

  4. I'm so glad Google brought me to your blog! Your swatches are honestly the best I've ever seen. I'm hoping to visit Japan sometime next year and have a what's turning in to an endless shopping list, lol. I was able to get Flash Back in a swap not to long ago but now I'm hooked! If you ever need anything from the US and would want to swap please let me know :)

    Jillian/ Jillicious Cosmetics

    1. Hello and welcome Jillian!

      Thank you for the sweet comment, and if you ever come to Tokyo, I'll show you around :D

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