Hello Guys!

New Year's is quickly approaching and I have no idea what polish I'll be wearing on my nails. Here's one possibility, Revlon's Gold Coin paired with Sephora by Opi's Looks Like Rain, Dear. 

Gold coin is a cool toned silvered pale gold polish with a metallic finish.   

This polish gives a pretty foiled look.

 Look Like Rain, Dear is a stunning gold glitter lacquer with multi-colored twinkle.

Sephora by Opi's Looks Like Rain, Dear over Revlon's Gold Coin. 

I really like this pairing, the Gold Coin tones down and gives Looks Like Rain, Dear a cooler tone; while also enhancing the the paler gold glitters in the polish. 

What are some of your favorite glitter/polish combinations? 

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.


  1. I need to find my camera so I can take better pictures of glitter polishes. Looking at yours is making me smile with joy!

  2. Thanks Ari, looking forward to your post!