Some of my friends came over for pizza and our January tradition of having La Galette Des Rois ( also known as King's Cake). This is the third year we get together and have this cake, a fun and yummy tradition. 

La Galette Des Rois dates back to more than 350 years and is normally had during the epiphany festival. A porcelain figurine is hidden within the cake; and whomever finds this figurine in their slice is deemed king for a day. The Patissier we go to uses small porcelain bicorne's in their king's cake. The first year Chiaki got the bicorne, the year after that was Aki and this year it was ME!!! And all I can say it that "it's good to be the kings :D". 

Everyone tore into the cake before I could take a picture. This is all I could salvage :(  ...heads will roll for this!!! 

I know this isn't beauty related but it's tasted related and that's just as good :) 

Here is the link to the patissier we buy our desserts from:

Have you ever had a La Galette Des Rois?

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.

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