Hi guys,

Sorry for not posting anything beauty related in the last few days, but the weather here has been terrible;dark days and even darker nights. Any photo's I've taken haven't done any justice to the swatches. Let's hope for better weather tomorrow :)

By the way, It's snowing in Tokyo!!!! Here are some photo's taken from outside my apartment.

How's the weather where you're at? 

Looking gorgeous (and freezing) one lipstick at a time. 


  1. Look at all that pretty snow! It rained here in Osaka today, though it got pretty cold. It hasn't snowed in Osaka yet (at least that I've noticed) and it didn't snow in NY when I was there either, it was in the high 50s!

  2. Weather in NY is crazy, I am switching winter jackets on the daily to keep up with the weather. I love watching snow fall! Snow covered trees and cars is always a beautiful sight till NY turns it into gray mush...

  3. Hey Renee, it's been freezing here the last few days. I love cold weather but it's not fun when you have to walk around in it. While is was in L.A. the weather was really nice, in the 70's...sigh.

  4. Same here Ari, I love the snow but once it begins to melt it's just a grey slushy mess.