Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Can't Believe it Not Butter! Revlon's Colorburst Lip Butters

Hello all  : D

While I was in L.A. I was able to pick up some more lip butters and I must say that I'm still impressed!

From left to Right: Creme Brulee, Brown Sugar, and Fig Jam. 

Creme Brulee: A warm nude beige-y tan.
Brown Sugar: A warm caramelized brown.
Fig Jam: A burnt orange-y brown.

 From left to right: Pink Truffle, Sugar Plum, and Raspberry Pie.

Pink Truffle: A warm brownish rosy pink.
Sugar Plum: A brownish pink mauve.
Raspberry Pie: A bright pinkish red fuchsia.

I purchased these Lip Butters on the first day of my trip and I wish the CVS I stopped at had more!! My favorite shades out of the six were Brown Sugar and Fig Jam. I basically wore Brown sugar throughout my entire stay in L.A. There are about six more lip butters shades that I want to get, so I've added them to my wish list :)

from left to right: Creme brulee, Brown Sugar, Pink Truffle, Fig Jam, Sugar Plum, and Raspberry Pie.

So, what is your favorite revlon lip butter?

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time


  1. omg i love this review! i never pick the right lipstick for my skin tone but this is so helpful!

    love from San Francisco,

  2. Hi Britt+Whit!!

    Thank you for the sweet comment, it really made my day :) It's great to get feed back. I'm glad this post was helpful to you. I'm really loving these lip butters, So far, my favs are Brown Sugar, Fig Jam, Raspberry Pie and Red Velvet( I actually posted a look where I'm wearing Red Velvet). I hope you come back and continue to enjoy my posts :)

    Love from the land of the raising sun,


  3. Great post. The swatches are really helpful. I'm debating over whether to get creme brulee or not for my medium toned skin.

  4. ive got macaroon and pink truffle! love these!!


    Shana x

  5. I have been obsessed with these lip butters ever since they came out! My all- time favorite is Peach Parfait, I have re-purchased it like 3 times now!
    I also really like pink truffle and berry smoothie. I have been dying over swatches of Macaroon which is only available in the UK, but my lovely friend is going to send it to me in a swap! Sugar plum is another on my wishlist! :)

    1. I want Peach Parfait!!

      I've love to hear your thoughts on Macaroon once you get it.