Hey All,

Valentine's Day was celebrated a bit late this year since my special someone was away on business, but they're back now, so bring on the chocolates.

Valentine's Day is celebrated a bit differently here than in the states. In Japan, the girl is the one to shower her beau with boxes of chocolate confections. Apparently, the more you receive the more you're loved...but that may just be a scam to get you to buy more chocolates and help the economy :P

Here's what I got my guy :)

 Wittamer Chocolates are my all time favorite chocolates!! These are the only chocolates I would ever give as a gift.

I want to eat this entire box.

 Someone could wait...

I'm pretty proud of myself, I didn't got overboard as I normally do.

Here is the link to their website: http://www.wittamer.com/fr/shop/index.php.

You really need to try these chocolates at some point in your life.

We just got back from dinner and it's almost midnight, so I'll post my makeup look tomorrow.

Wishing you all the best and love,

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.


  1. These treats look delectable! I made some chocolate dipped strawberries for valentines day.... too bad I forgot to take a picture before I gave them all away. =(

  2. It was hard not to eat the box in one day. I hate it when I forget to take a photo. You can always do it again next year :)

    1. haha maybe, I think I might try something different, lets see what comes to mind... I have a whole year to think about it =D

  3. ooooh how cute see in your blog Belgian's chocolate)))