Hey sweeties,

This will be the first post on my Inglot blush palettes. Inglot is one of my favorite cosmetic brands and I believe their Freedom System is ingenious.

Inglot's Freedom System allows you to custom build your own face, eyes and lips palette. Offering a variety of color selects and endless amounts of fun :)

From left to right: 20, 36, 38, 56.

Face Blush 20: A matte pale yellow based pink. 

Face Blush 36: A matte blue based medium pink with micro silver sparkles.

Face Blush 38: A pale cerise pink with a subtle shimmer.

Face blush 56: Similar to 36 but a bit deeper pink with a bluer undertone. This blush also has micro silver sparkles. 

Inglot's Freedom System Blush Palettes hold up to four blushes at 7g/ .25 oz each. The palette itself retails for $14.00 and the blush pans are $10.00 each. 

Inglot blushes are extremely pigmented, so heavy handed ladies BEWARE!! These lovelies wear for a good amount of time, about five to six hours and they don't oxidize after they've mixed with your skins natural oils. 

I truly love these blushes for there quality and performance. My only issue with Inglot (as a whole) was the price increase of the freedom system palettes some months ago. The freedom blush palettes used to retail for $6 per palette and the blush pans were $9.00, a total increase of $13.00; but hey, it's still a great system and even more so, a great deal based on the amount of product you get. 

Have you tried any of Inglot's blushes?

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time 


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