Today marks the one year anniversary of the March 11th tsunami and nuclear meltdown. There were memorial services held throughout the country, remembering  those whose lives were lost and their families.

I remember I was home that day, enjoying my day off, listening to music and about to have a late lunch. At first, when the shaking began, I thought it was just another earthquake and paid no attention to it. The Shaking continued and became more violent, Several of my vases had fallen and shattered on the floor. There was broken glass all over and I was barefoot (remember, no shoes in doors), so I jumped onto the sofa, then jumped of in the direction of my kitchen, ran to the front door and opened it, just in case I had to make an escape from my apartment. Soon after, Aki had shown up (he had left work and drove home during the earthquake) to make sure I was okay. So, this is my story of where I was during the earthquake. Have you ever lived through any disasters?

Thank you.

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