Hey guys,

Here's the fourth installment of my Inglot blush palettes :)

  From top to bottom: 34, 53, 52 and  51.

 From left to right: 34, 53, 52 and 51 (overcast light )

From left to right: 34, 53, 52 and 51 (flash).

Color descriptions from left to right

Face Blush 34: A peachy coral with tiny gold flecks and a gold sheen.

Face Blush 53: A soft peach with tiny gold flecks.

Face Blush 52: A matte medium apricot.

Face Blush 51: A terracotta with tiny flecks of gold.

Have you tried any of the Inglot blushes?

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Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.

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