This post is inspired by my dear friend Ari from A Passionate Obsession. I've known Ari for a few years now, and I absolutely love her!! She's funny, a great writer and beautiful. Ari, you inspire me and I love you :D 

Please check out her blog,

Last month, I saw that Ari did a post on products she had used up. I thought this was a great idea! So here you go, my empties for this month.

Ari's post:

Kenra Clarifying Shampoo. I love this shampoo, I've been buying it for years and I'll continue to do so. The water here in Japan is very hard. I find that this shampoo helps restore balance, as well as being gentle on my dyed hair. Also, Kenra products are not tested on animals!!

Mac Brush Cleanser. I use this for work and a staple for spot cleaning.

Dior Diorshow Waterproof Mascara. One of my favorite mascaras and I'll always repurchase!

L'Occitane Wild Cherry Tree Perfume Stick. I love this fragrance and if it wasn't limited edition, I'd repurchase.

Kerastase Nutritive Nutridefense Masque. This product does a great job at putting moisture back into my hair, especially after I've just dyed it.

TRESemme Anti-Breakage Shampoo. I discovered this shampoo last year while I was visiting my family for holiday. I use this one a week, when I'm giving my hair a break from all the heat styling. Not sure if it actually did anything in the split ends department, but my hair did feel a bit stronger, so I'll repurchase next time I'm in the states.

Bath & Body Works Shower Gel in Japanese Cherry Blossom. Love this scent! We don't have BBW in Japan, not sure way, so, on my recent trip to the states, I stocked up on this shower gel.

Nexxus Pro Med Conditioner. I bought this on my trip to Los Angeles during the beginning of this year and I absolutely LOVE it!!! This condition did an awesome job at binding the ends of my hair. Also, my hair  wasn't as tangled and it felt softer. Will repurchase.

Philosophy Vanilla Birthday Cake. This was a Sephora VIB Complimentary Birthday Gift. Vanilla Birthday Cake had these plastic sugary vanilla scent, not a favorite, and I wouldn't repurchase.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I'm actually looking forward to next months empties :)

What products have to finished recently?

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.


  1. Love love love love to read empties post! I love Ari too :P We go to each other's blog frequently~ hehe

    I am visiting Tokyo in June, your reviews on Laduree, Addiction and other make up brands are really useful!


    1. Hi Jacq!

      Yeah, it was a lot of fun doing ths post, so I'll be doing them often :)
      Ari is AWESOME!!

      When are you coming to Tokyo? I'm planning a trip overseas, but if I'm here when you come, maybe we can hangout and I can show you around :)

      Say tuned, because I have a bunch of Japanese products that I'll be posting soon :)

    2. I love the both of you too! I am so happy to see you do empties posts! Which reminds me I have to do this months today! x.x

    3. Awww shucks Ari :) Thank you for the idea Ari! Looking forward to your empties :D

    4. i will email you! :D so happy to know you ;)

  2. WOW you sure went through a lot of things :) Great post :)

    1. Hahaha, I didn't finish all of them in one month, they're just the items that I finally finished this month :) I've subscribed to you :D

  3. Bath & Body Works Shower Gel in Japanese Cherry among my top 3 from BBW!!!
    Just did a stock up run this weekend.
    New Follower from BlogLove Therapy Hop

    1. Mine too!!!! I always stock up whenever they have the buy 3 get 3 for free sale :) Then I go crazy and usually buy a year supple of shower gels :) Following you back Pamela :)

  4. Keep up the good work! I have so many bottles of everything to go through... sometimes I think it is an impossible mission!~ LOL~

    I am now following your blog!



    1. Thank you for the kind words Cindy, it means a lot :) I know what you mean. I'm making it a mission to use and finish as many products as I can.

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